JUNE 15 - 17, 2020 - M RESORT -  LAS VEGAS, NV

June 17, 2020

Interactive, full-day workshops take place on the last day of the conference and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.Reserve your seat by selecting the workshop that you would like to attend on the package page when registering.
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Mark Williams, PASS
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Chris Dorn, Safe Havens International
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Abigail Boyer, The Clery Center

Workshop A | PASS Guidelines Updates: Helping Administrators and Security Directors Effectively Evaluate and Prioritize Safety and Security Investments
Mark Williams, PASS

K-12 and Higher Ed
Today’s school safety and security challenges are multi-faceted and complex. There is no single action that will, by itself, make our schools safe. Protecting students and staff is a tremendous moral and legal responsibility that requires a comprehensive approach to these challenges. Security management is a core responsibility of school administrators, who face daily pressure to ensure that students and staff are protected, often without significant security expertise or the benefit of full-time safety/security staff. When it comes to security, school administrators are faced with two difficult questions:
  • What do we do?
  • How do we prioritize?
The PASS Guidelines and Checklist were developed to provide administrators with the means to effectively evaluate safety and security infrastructure already in place, prioritize investments and maximize safety and security gained by leveraging available resources. The Guidelines and Checklist identify and classify best practices for securing k12 facilities in response to the urgent needs identified by the educational community.

Key Takeaways:
  • Understand the Safety and Security Challenges Facing our K12 Schools.
  • Understand the Concept of Layered & Tiered Safety & Security as well as Components and Best Practices to deter, detect and delay adversarial behavior.
  • Understand how the PASS Guidelines and Checklist/Assessment Tools can be utilized by schools to implement and enhance the Safety and Security of their facilities.
Workshop B | After School Hours: Event Security and Emergency Preparedness
Chris Dorn, Safe Havens International
K-12 and Higher Ed
Workshop C | The Clery Center: Annual Security Report Review and How to Avoid Common Mistakes
Abigail Boyer, The Clery Center
K-12 and Higher Ed
Workshop D | Campus Events, Controversial Speakers, and Protests: Creating Policies for Maintaining Safety, Security and University Support on Campus Panel
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