Session Tracks

JUNE 17 - 19 | LAS VEGAS, NV

At CSC19, there will be five tracks of educational sessions plus hot topic roundtable discussions.
Click on the tracks below to view the session topics.
The complete agenda with times, descriptions, and speakers will be posted soon!

  • Improving Transportation Safety: An MTSS/PBIS approach
  • Train the Trainer: Conducting Realistic and Comprehensive Tabletop Exercises with Your Staff 
  • Addressing the Rising Suicide Rates: Prevention Strategies and Crisis Resources
  • MS-13 The Most Dangerous International Gang: Managing Gangs in Schools, Colleges and Our Communities
  • Left of Bang: Identify Strategies and Policies to Improve Your Prevention Plans
  • The BIGGEST Piece of the Equation: Helping Victims and Responders Recover after Mass Violence
  • Anticipating the Unthinkable: Developing a Student-Parent Reunification and Recovery Plan 
  • Sexual Assault Investigations: The Impact of Community Policing and Public Outreach 
  • Rules vs Laws: The Consequences of Injecting University Officers into Inconsequential Incidents
  • Don’t Just "Follow the Leader:" Effective Leaders Must Impart Values, Not Mimicry
  • Critical Incident Management: A Systematic Guide to Planning Safe and Secure Events
  • Electronic Access Control as Part of a Comprehensive Campus Violence/Active Shooter Program: Saddleback College Case Study
  • LTE to LMR: Tips for Integrating Push-to-Talk Cellular into Your Campus Radio System
  • Social Media: Lessons Learned from Active Shooter Situation
  • The Next Generation of School Safety: Balancing Security with Learning Environments  
  • Transitioning Your Safety Team to CERT: Create a Higher Level of Preparedness
  • De-Escalating Toxic Situations -- "Words Matter!"
  • Public Safety Roles: Embracing Change

The Conference was very informative and had practical roundtable sessions. I recommend this conference to any Head of Security. Its a great way to network with fellow professionals.

Register now for the opportunity to learn and network with those responsible for making their schools and colleges safer.

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