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                Meet innovative companies who are looking to share the latest technologies and solutions to help you make your campus safer! 



Transact enables a connected experience across the spectrum of student life. We partner with institutions to deliver a mobile-centric, personalized student and family experience both on and off-campus. For more information, visit



Axis offers intelligent security solutions that enable a smarter, safer world. As the global market leader in network video, Axis is driving the industry by continually launching innovative network products based on an open platform - delivering high value to customers through a global partner network. Axis has long-term relationships with partners and provides them with knowledge and ground-breaking network products in existing and new markets. For more information, visit


Motorola Solutions, Inc., provides mission-critical communications products and services to public safety and commercial customers around the world. Our innovations, products, and services play essential roles in people's lives. We provide the situational awareness first responders need when a moment brings catastrophe. We do this by connecting them to seamless communication networks, applications and services, by providing them with real-time information, and by arming them with intuitive, nearly indestructible handheld devices. Motorola Solutions helps people be their best in the moments that matter. For more information, visit

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Reflex Protect® is a safety preparedness company that provides non-lethal self-defense solutions and violence response training for use at home and in the workplace. For more information, visit


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Dell Technologies can meet all your unique needs. Create hyper-tailored experiences for everyone with the right apps, data, services and inspiring devices. Enable office, remote, home and on-the-go collaboration, conferencing and easy communication with total security. Deliver faster, smarter, more efficient workforce services with automation and self-service that delights users and unburdens IT. For more information, visit

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Evolv Technology, THE human security company, is dedicated to preventing terrorist attacks and mass shootings. Having screened 50 million people worldwide, Evolv’s AI-based, free-flow weapons-detection systems work at the pace of life seamlessly screening more than 3,600 people per hour in an undisruptive manner preventing weapons from entering venues. For more information, visit

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IPVideo harnesses the power of IoT, AI and machine learning to deliver open platform physical security, sensor, visual weapons detection systems and audio/visual solutions.  Our award-winning HALO is a security device for privacy areas and environmental monitoring tool that school districts nationwide are using to combat the youth vaping epidemic. For more information, visit

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NAPCO Security Group offers LocDown™ security solutions for every educational building and door: from simple local lock-down from inside the classroom door or with teachers’ keyfobs; or campus wide, across a local or enterprise network, combining access control, alarms, video, threat-level and visitor-management. Our SAVI™, Security Access-Control Vulnerability Index™ is designed to help objectively evaluate a school’s vulnerability. For more information, visit


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Clear-Armor strives to enhance the well-being of our communities by maintaining a safe and secure environment in which we live. We provide tangible life skills through training your people and hardening your glass." For more information, visit


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DSX Access Systems, Inc. offers School Districts, Universities and Hospitals a customizable access control system with the functionality required for today’s institutional environments. From the ability to control the system with a smartphone to integration with cameras and Student/HR databases, DSX offers the flexibility, quality, reliability and integrity that has been our worldwide reputation for over 30 years. For more information, visit

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Status Solutions is the pioneering provider of situational awareness technologies with a  mission to keep people informed by delivering tools for life safety assurance, security monitoring, environmental awareness and mass notification. Our customized software solutions ensure the right information reaches the right people automatically via various portals and dashboards for faster, more efficient communication. We help organizations better collect, process, interpret and deliver their data to read, see, hear and do therefore managing risk while transforming business operations. Because RIGHT NOW matters most. For more information, visit

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For over 60 years, Aiphone has solidified its position as one of the world’s leading providers of communication and intercom systems. The Aiphone brand has become synonymous with innovation and outstanding quality which has placed the company and its products at the forefront of the security and communication market. Aiphone remains committed to providing unmatched customer service by offering customized solutions tailored to support any intercom application. For more information, visit

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Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company, provides trusted security solutions to the global market. Avigilon designs, develops, and manufactures video analytics, network video management software and hardware, surveillance cameras, and access control solutions. For more information, visit


Started in 1992, Cyrun® is a leading provider of software solutions used by public safety agencies to control, analyze and report on data/information flowing into their organizations. Cyrun solutions are designed by experienced law enforcement professionals to increase efficiency and responsiveness to the needs of constituents. In addition to increasing personnel’s accountability, Cyrun’s Software also improves organizational memory for more informed business decisions. Alliance Solution for School Districts provides a complete and integrated Security Management system for school security. It enables a school or school district to handle day to day operations as well as major events as they occur. Alliance Solution for Higher Education can manage all public safety incidents as well as track personnel activities across campus. Alliance supports multi-campus environments too! It provides detailed reports and follows the normal UCR reporting rules to comply with the Jeanne Clery Statistics Act. For more information, visit


Founded in 1997, IMRON Corporation is the leading provider of Security Management Software and Access Control solutions. Constantly striving to make changes to maintain its position at the forefront of technology and innovation, IMRON Corporation is committed to open architecture solutions. IMRON’s comprehensive software platforms offer revolutionary control of all physical security requirements. Fully scalable and customizable, IMRON solutions are THE non-proprietary “open” standard. Fore more information, visit

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Jenoptik is the global leader in traffic safety and civil security solutions. With Over 30,000 traffic safety systems installed in more than 80 countries, Jenoptik has a proven technology designed and built in-house for optimal performance. Our solutions enhance the safety of your campus and students by creating a Geo-Zone or parameter using Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology to monitor ALL vehicle traffic and feeding this information to a back office. These solutions turn data into knowledge, allowing you to control the entrance into the campus, monitor neighboring roads, view historical analysis of previous events, and automatically providing immediate alerts on suspicious events and persons. This aids campus administration and resource officers to increase the safety of the campus by offering preventative measures. For more information, visit


Micro Technology Service Inc. is an Engineering Services company located in Richardson Texas. MTSI also designed and manufactures the Lynx System. 

Lynx is a network based duress and emergency notification system. Utilizing an extensive catalog of input and output devices, the Lynx system can maximize situational awareness for security, management, and the general population of your organization. 

The Lynx system allows for extremely versatile alarm and notification configurations, such as many to one (e.g. providing computer based duress alarms for all employees that notify security) or one to many. (e.g. allowing managers to send notifications to all employees) A few examples of Lynx input devices are PC based keyboard duress, USB duress buttons, wireless locating duress buttons, hardwired inputs, and computer based icon panels. Popular output devices include pop-up notifications, audio messaging to existing radios and PA systems, HDMI output, VOIP, and SMS.


Onity electronic locking systems eliminate the cost and inconvenience of administering mechanical keys. Affordable and reliable standalone locks are quick and easy to install, with modular upgrade paths that are built for today and ready for tomorrow. Advancing Access Together. For more information, visit

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OpenEye is an innovator in the design and development of cloud-centric software solutions for video management, business intelligence, and loss prevention. All OpenEye Web Services platform software is developed in Liberty Lake, Washington and many of OpenEye's products are made in America. For more information, visit

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We provide the development, manufacture, and sales of devices and modules for the security, medicine, and industrial fields, in addition to the solutions including system integration, construction, maintenance, and related services. For more information, visit

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Prime Communications, Inc. are the experts in physical security, networking solutions, and the critical infrastructure that supports them. Due to the unique factors of every organization, we work with our clients to design, develop, and engineer a custom-fit solution to meet their requirements. At PCI we provide more than solutions and services, we deliver the ultimate customer experience. By setting ourselves apart through our project expertise, customized solutions, and responsiveness we’ll deliver YOUR solution for YOUR Industry. For more information, visit

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Rave Mobile Safety provides the leading critical communication and data platform trusted to help save lives. Rave connects millions to those trusted to protect them, by providing innovative solutions to prepare better, respond faster, and communicate more effectively during emergencies. For more information, visit

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Our organization provides funding through grants for emerging technologies that will significantly accelerate law enforcement response times to active shooter calls at schools nationwide. For more information, visit

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Status Solutions is the pioneering provider of situational awareness technologies with a  mission to keep people informed by delivering tools for life safety assurance, security monitoring, environmental awareness and mass notification. Our customized software solutions ensure the right information reaches the right people automatically via various portals and dashboards for faster, more efficient communication. We help organizations better collect, process, interpret and deliver their data to read, see, hear and do therefore managing risk while transforming business operations. Because RIGHT NOW matters most. For more information, visit


With over 40 years of experience and thousands of systems in place, safety is top of mind at Telecor. Our solutions go beyond the traditional PA system and are designed for campuses of all sizes. At Telecor, we remove the guesswork in your everyday and emergency communications. For more information, visit

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TyTek Medical has developed a range of PTENSYS® branded solutions to meet your emergency preparedness challenges head on. All our of products were designed for the military, but with civilians receiving military style injuries we have made them more widely available. Speak to us about your plans so that we can ensure you’re educated, empowered and equipped to save lives. For more information, visit www.TyTek


Vintra makes AI-powered video analytics solutions that transform video from any type of camera into actionable, tailored and trusted intelligence. Our solution, FulcrumAI, can be deployed on-premises to deliver total-environment security and safety, and in the cloud for powerful post-event investigation and advanced video forensics. Additionally, Vintra's Analytics Foundry enables customers to create their own case-specific analytics, putting the true power of deep learning AI in your hands. For more information, please visit


VIVOTEK, established in 2000, has quickly taken its place as a leading brand and manufacturer in the security industry. Known for delivering world-class IP surveillance solutions, VIVOTEK specializes in system applications and integration. VIVOTEK provides a wide range of products, including network cameras, video servers, NVRs and central management systems. For more information, visit



Association Partner
Clery Center empowers colleges and universities to create safer campuses. We connect campus safety professionals with 30 years of experience, unparalleled expertise, and in-depth training, resources, and strategies to understand and implement the Clery Act. We guide institutions to exemplify the spirit of the law with a proactive commitment to campus safety and educate campus communities to know how the law protects them. For more information, visit


Higher Ed Partner
Serving the College of Southern Nevada, the Desert Research Institute, Nevada State College, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. For more information, visit

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Media Partner
Education Technology Insights is a high-quality magazine explores knowledge in renewed aspects of the latest innovations and technologies in the Education Industry; brings forth the unique offerings of market leaders to assist education experts in establishing institutions alike. With 45000 qualified subscribers across the U.S; Principals, Media Directors, CIO/ CTO, being the subscribers, Education Technology Insights keeps the target readers engaged with a never-ending flow of analysis, discussions, by the great intellects of the industry.  For more information, visit

Campus Safety Magazine

Media Partner
Campus Safety (CS) magazine and exclusively serve campus police chiefs, security directors, IT personnel, emergency managers and executive administrators involved in the public safety and security of major hospitals, schools, and universities in the United States. The magazine is issued eight times per year and is distributed to more than 18,000 campus safety and security professionals nationwide. Online, attracts an average of over 94,000 users each month and is growing rapidly to serve the needs of the expanding campus safety market. CS is a product of the leading operator of business-to-business trade shows in the United States - Emerald Expositions. Emerald currently operates more than 55 trade shows, as well as numerous other face-to-face events. For more information, visit

Campus Safety HQ

Media Partner
 CSHQ is the one stop source for your entire team to access the online education and information you need TODAY! Learn from experts in campus emergency management, security, and law enforcement on a wide variety of critical issues impacting our schools, colleges, and hospitals. Whether you are a public safety official, security director, emergency manager, administrator or consultant, our growing library of Campus Safety education and resources will help you conduct more meaningful, low-cost, and frequent trainings for you and your organization. For more information, visit

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