Stacy Ettel

Rules vs. Laws: The Consequences of Injecting University Officers into Inconsequential Incidents | Leadership

06/18/2019 3:30 PM
Stacy Ettel
Professional Presenter, PT Aviation Deputy
WatchGuard Video, SafeTac, and Blue Sentinel Group

Stacy Ettel began his career in 1993, at the University of Florida Police Department. During his 17-year career at UFPD, Stacy had a highly successful career, both in promotions and training. Stacy was named Officer of the Year early in his career and began his teaching career early on.As an instructor at numerous police academies in North Florida, Stacy became a sought-after presenter, in many areas. Stacy promoted rapidly within his agency and continued his training background as the lead trainer for his agency. As his career developed, he became a lead trainer at the police academy in advanced areas like Instructor Techniques, Line Supervision, and Field Training Program. Having been certified to teach all high liability areas, Stacy became a driving instructor trainer, and continued his law enforcement instructing during his career at UFPD.Stacy has been a civilian trainer for more than 25 years. He began his civilian presentations with a highly sought after, and very entertaining alcohol and drug class. He was actively involved with MADD and presented for more than 10 years for the organization. Stacy worked for the National Safety Council for many years as a defensive driving instructor, teach many civilian driving classes. Later in his career, Stacy created a corporate training class, called Compassionate Communication, and began presenting it around the country. Having presented the curriculum at events like the International Association of Event Management, as well as the Florida Hostage Negotiations Conference.

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