Theresa Campbell

Workshop B: Combating Social Media Threats: Digital Threat Assessment Training | Workshop

07/23/2019 9:30 AM
Theresa Campbell
Safer Schools Together

Theresa Campbell is an internationally recognized thinker on the future of Violence Threat Risk Assessment Protocols and Managing Traumatic aftermath. She is the founder of Safer Schools Together, a consultancy that delivers strategies and protocols to address violence and trauma response in education and corporate organizations.Theresa is a trusted resource to numerous school districts, corporations and public safety agencies that utilize her expertise to address issues that occur on social media requiring evaluation and investigation. Theresa has been featured in numerous radio and TV broadcasts, articles as an authority on the topics of Internet safety, assessing violence potential, trauma response, social media and mobile application based technology. Theresa is the executive producer of five award-winning prevention documentaries; she is a certified trainer and consultant with the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment & Trauma Response and Executive Director of the International Centre for Threat Assessment. Theresa is currently the Subject Matter Expert for the Government of British Columbia in the areas of Violence Prevention and Trauma Response. We have consulted on many critical and traumatic events throughout North America that have affected school communities.With over 25 years of experience with educators, law enforcement and corporate organizations, Theresa brings a wealth of experience and a passion to a sometimes challenging subject.

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