Lisa Sullivan

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07/22/2019 1:30 PM
Lisa Sullivan
Diversion Program Manager
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)- Dallas Field Division

Ms. Lisa Sullivan is an alumnus of New Mexico State University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree in 1989. She began her career with the DEA in 1990 as a Diversion Investigator in the San Antonio District Office. In 2000 she became the Diversion Group Supervisor in the San Antonio Office. The group was responsible for the dismantling and successful prosecution of one of the first internet pharmaceutical cases in the country. In 2005 Ms. Sullivan was transferred to the E-Commerce Section of the Office of Diversion Control DEA in Washington DC. There she worked on the CSOS program (the newly established controlled substance electronic ordering system), and the electronic prescriptions initiative (EPCS). In November 2007 Ms. Sullivan was promoted to the Diversion Program Manager for the Dallas Division. There she establishes priorities and direction for the Diversion Groups in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Tyler, TX, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa, OK.

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