Jin Kim
Jin Kim
Retired Special Agent FBI and Founder & Principal
PerSec Academy LLC

Mr. Jin Kim is widely recognized as a Subject Matter Expert and Material Practitioner in Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Risk Management. Mr. Kim retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2018 and is a twenty-three year veteran of the FBI’s New York Division. He served as the Active Shooter Coordinator on the Crisis Management Unit and was the leading authority directing Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Risk Mitigation for the FBI’s corporate programming and private sector partnerships.As the Founder & Principal of PerSec Academy LLC, Mr. Kim provides institutional risk assessments, policy & operational guidance, and custom substantive training to; leading corporations and businesses, financial and banking institutions, K-12 schools and higher education universities, hospitals/healthcare facilities, sports and performance art venues, hotels, non-profit organizations, and public safety departments.Mr. Kim provides expert analysis and content as a regularly featured speaker at industry conferences and seminars and is the creator and founder of the T.A.S.K. Method - Threat Adaptation Strategies & Know-how.

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