Welcome, Campus Safety Online Summit (CSOS) Speakers!

This area of the website is for current speakers only, and is to be used to manage the speaker process. Please check back on each of the the portal buttons below often for updates and additional information.

General Information


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Live Event
If you will be presenting during the live event, we will register you and then send you the information that you need to log into the event

If you will be recording the presentation before the live event, we will send you the information that you need to log in and record your session.

It is free to attend the live event. A registration link will be added once it is available for you to register.

Deliverables (Optional)

 Selfie Video | Friday, June 5

This brief informal video is a great opportunity for the speaker to introduce themselves, provide a brief description of their session, and to encourage attendees to see them at CSOS! 

This would be used on the website, e-blasts, social media, etc. Sample #1, Sample #2, Sample #3.

  • This one minute video can be done with anything that has a video camera and good sound i.e. cellphone, laptop, computer etc.
  • When creating the video, please make sure it is created in a horizontal frame.
  • Feel free to get creative and be informal i.e. include a co-presenter, take the video outside, show pets (top view videos), photos, etc.
  • Please do not post the video.
  • Please send the video to Olivia Roma when complete. If the file is too large, you can send it via WeTransfer to Olivia Roma.

  Article or Interview | Friday, June 12

This is a great opportunity to provide an informative article and promote the speaker's participation in CSOS to 60K+ viewers in the CS Magazine!

Option 1: Create Your Own Article
  • An informative article on any campus safety topic (except for the session topic).
  • The article must be 600-800 words and include the author’s name, job title, school/organization, and bio.
  • Please send the video to Olivia Roma when complete. If the file is too large, you can send it via WeTransfer to Olivia Roma.
Option 2: Interview with CSC
  • This would be a Q&A interview with with the Campus Safety editorial team that would be converted into a promotional video.
  • Please reach out to Olivia Roma if you are interested.

 Book Sale | Friday, June 12

If you have a published book, this is a great opportunity to promote yourself to the Campus Safety audience!

  • We will promote the book sale/signing.
  • If you have a link where attendees can buy your book at a special rate, feel free to send us that so we can promote that as well.
  • We ask the speaker to provide 1 signed copy of the book to raffle off during the event.
  • The speaker will be responsible for signing and shipping the book to the raffle winner plus any book sale transactions.

If you have any questions or would like to participate, please contact Olivia Roma.


 Presentation and Handouts | Wednesday, June 17

Creating the Presentation

  • Speakers must use the CSOS PowerPoint template to create their presentation as our webinar platform does not allow other presentation formats, i.e. Prezi.
  • Content must be legal and code compliant and include references.
  • Marketing and other promotional materials must not be included in the session.
  • The presentation must be sent in the CSOS PowerPoint Template along with any videos and/or handouts prior to the deadline to allow enough time for the presentation to be reviewed, make any updates, and send the final version.

Live Presentation Only

  • A PDF of the final presentation along with any handouts and/or videos will be uploaded to the webinar platform 48 hours prior to the live event.
  • Special effects, i.e. transitions and countdown clocks will not work due to the type of webinar platform that will be used.
  • If handouts and/or videos will be used, please include a slide with a screenshot or note to reference this during the live event. All videos and handouts will be uploaded separately from the presentation and available for attendees to access.
  • Polls can be conducted. If this will be included, please include a slide that references this.
  • The final presentation, handouts and videos (if applicable), will be uploaded 48 hours prior to the live event. At that time, the speaker is unable to make anymore changes to their presentation.

Prior to Sending the Presentation, Please Ensure...

  • The required slides are included and is in the CSOS template.
  • The content meets the session description and takeaways.
  • Content is legal and code compliant and includes references.
  • Marketing and other promotional materials is not included.
  • The estimated time to present the content is within the assigned time allotted (Recommend 1 minute per slide).

The presentation and handouts (if applicable) should be sent to Olivia Roma for approval. If the file is too large, you can send it via WeTransfer to Olivia Roma.

If you have any questions, please contact Olivia Roma.

  Delivery of Presentation

  • Final presentations, handouts and videos (if applicable) must be sent to Olivia Roma prior to recording or the live event. 
  • A document will be sent prior to delivering the presentation with details on rehearsals, recording, tips and tricks, etc.
  • The attire when presenting is business casual. Uniforms are welcomed.
  • Speakers are expected to present in a professional manner as they are representing Campus Safety.

If you have any questions, please contact Olivia Roma.

Marketing Opportunities

 Official CSOS Logo Download

Use the official CSOS logo on your website and marketing materials to let customers know that you will be presenting at CSOS!

 Social Media

Increase your brand awareness and tabletop traffic by connecting with us on social media and using #CSOS


CSC Contacts

Conference Manager
Olivia Roma
(774) 505-8032

Show Director
Amy Reddington
(770) 505-8033

I attend each year. Excellent training and networking opportunities.

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