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East Keynotes

Thursday, July 13

8:50 AM - 9:50 AM

Making a Difference in Campus Safety

A tribute to Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook

The mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and Virginia Tech shook the campus protection community and our nation as a whole to its core.
This keynote will take a brief look back at those events from a victims’ and advocate/educators perspective to benchmark the progress made over the past decade in school and college safety attitudes, procedures and responses.  In addition, presenters will share perspectives and trends to consider when addressing violence and safety moving forward on our nation's campuses.  This presentation will honor, challenge, support and inspire attendees in their current public safety roles and serve as a catalyst for discussion and idea exchange.  

Lisa Hamp

School Shooting Survivor and Speaker

Virginia Tech: A Survivor's Story

Lisa will share her personal story during the April 16, 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, as well as her recovery afterwards. She will describe how her class built a barricade to prevent the shooter from entering their classroom, as well as her struggle to return to a “normal’ life during the weeks, months, and years that followed. She will also explain what made her eventually seek counseling after eight years and the hard but powerful lessons she has learned since that tragic day. Through her raw and emotional presentation, Hamp will provide a survivor's perspective on experiencing and recovering from a school shooting. 

Michele Gay

Co-Founder/Executive Director
Safe and Sound: A Sandy Hook Initiative


School Safety: A Parent’s Perspective

Michele tells her personal story and recounts the lessons she learned on December 14, 2012 and in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook School tragedy. She shares the inspiring way she has chosen to help school communities improve school safety in honor of her daughter, Josephine, and memory of the other 19 children and six teachers lost on December 14, 2012. Michele’s perspective, as the mother of a special-needs child and former elementary school teacher, provides unique insight and inspiration for parents, administrators, school staff, emergency responders and community members who strive to make their schools safer. Michele Gay and the Safe and Sound foundation bring an important message to our communities, and represent a powerful presence in our national school safety community.

Day 2 Keynote

Friday, July 14

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM


Michael Beckman

Deputy Chief
Long Beach Police Department


My Son's Suicide: Lessons on Life, Legacy, & Livelihood


Anguished by his son Stephen’s mental illness and suicide, Deputy Chief Beckman relates a powerful story of Stephen’s life, death, and the profound personal and professional takeaways that resulted from his passing. The lessons learned validate the premise that in today’s complicated and dynamic world, there is a fundamental need for compassionate, empathetic, and communicative law enforcement professionals to best serve their communities, their schools, their colleagues and families, and their organizations. This highly personal presentation has been developed to derive triumphs from tragedy and to enlighten, inspire, and impart practical advice and ideas to today's peace officers, law enforcement executives and supervisors, public safety stakeholders, medical and mental health professionals, and public service providers so that they may better help others in crisis.

Keynote Sneak Peek

In light of the complex challenges we face providing safety in the educational setting, you can never receive enough training. The Campus Safety Conference is the premier conference for campus safety professionals. The attendance is intimate which allows for optimal networking opportunities. From keynote speakers sharing insight into recent tragedy's with lessons learned, hot topics, table top exercises and full day training workshops this conference provides a excellent cast of diverse training offerings for all attendees. This June was my first opportunity to attend. I give it an A plus, highly reccomend and can't wait to attend next year with my security staff.