Welcome 2017 Campus Safety Conference Speakers!  Thank you so much for your participation in our upcoming events.  Please reference the outline below for the most up-to-date information on the conference, upcoming deadlines, and tools to share that you are speaking at the Campus Safety Conference.
If you have any questions, please contact Amy Reddington at 508.663.1500 ext. 247.



  • Speaker Agreement (please sign and return to Amy Reddington or fax to 508-663-1595)
  • Many of the conference sessions will be recorded with the intent of distributing them in the future. Item 6 of the speaker agreement indicates that you agree to this. If you do not wish to have your session recorded, please notify Amy Reddington  immediately.
    Many of the conference sessions will be attended by members of the media. Item 7 of the speaker agreement indicates that you agree to this. If you do not wish to have your session attended by the media, please notify Amy Reddington immediately.


  • Short Video Teaser
    • ​The video is an opportunity to give a brief introduction of yourself and tell our audience what to expect during your session.
    • Please do NOT post the video, just send the video file
    • The video does NOT need to be formal or professional - let your creativity out! Many people make these videos on their smart phone or using the camera in their laptop computer; it is simply a way for attendees to get a sneak peek at you as a presenter and what they will learn in they attend your session


  • Topical article for Campus Safety Magazine
    • ​The article is NOT meant to be a session "teaser" to get people to attend your session, but rather is meant to be an informative article about the general topic for people who are NOT attending your session.
    • At Campus Safety's discretion to publish and edit copy, articles may be published on www.campussafetymagazine.com and may also be sent out in a newsletter deployment
    • Articles should be 600-800 words in length
    • Please include:
      • 60 word author bio
      • Author's name
      • Job Title
      • Organization
      • Web address


  • Presentation (please use this PowerPoint template).
    • Only speakers for single speaker sessions or the Moderator/Lead Presenter of panel sessions are responsible for submitting presentations. Panelists do not need to provide any additional presentations.

Hotel & Travel


333 East Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 499-2012

IMPORTANT: We do not use third parties to coordinate reservations. If you should receive a call from a third party, please ignore.

How to Book

For your convenience, Campus Safety Conference has negotiated discounted room rates at nearby hotels during the event dates:
Group Rate: $189
Government Rate: $158
Cutoff Date: Friday, July 7, 2017
To book directly within the Campus Safety Conference block, please click here
Guests can also make reservations by calling 562-436-3000 and referencing the Campus Safety Conference room block.
Cancellation Policy: 72 hours notice.
Reservation Policy: A credit card is needed to guarantee your reservation.


Speakers do NOT need to register for the conference. Your badge will be available on-site at the registration desk, and will allow you access to all conference events.

*Please note there is an additional fee of $75 to attend the full day workshops on Day 2. Please contact Amy Reddington to reserve your seat.

Speaking Information


  • Allow time for questions/conversation: Campus Safety Conference attendees are most engaged when their questions are being answered. By curtailing your planned presentation and allowing time for questions, the attendees will take more away from your presentation. Additionally, the questions asked by attendees will likely result in the opportunity to cover information that you would plan into the lecture, but the audience will be able to absorb more of the content.
  • Use your PowerPoints wisely: Campus Safety recommends keeping your slide deck short and sweet to keep attendees’ attention on the information being presented by you rather than trying to copy too much data from the slides. In an effort to reduce paper waste, we do not reproduce full slide decks.
  • Be mindful of your session time slot:  Campus Safety Conference provides attendees with a set schedule of sessions and events. In order to maximize the attendee experience, it is important that all events start and stop at times specified in our published schedules. There will be a minimum of 10 minutes in between each session, during which you may set up and tear down your equipment. Please be respectful of the next presenter in the room and continue any post-session conversations outside of the meeting room.


Campus Safety Conference does not print presentations for on-site distribution. Campus Safety will make presentations available to attendees in electronic format to download/print from a private website after the event.

Should you wish to provide your own copies of materials, you are welcome to do so. We ask only to be notified of this in advance.


  • Lectern
  • Choice of a Wired Microphone OR Lavalier Microphone
  • Wired Podium Microphone
  • Laptop
    • All presentations will be loaded onto a laptop that will be on site so you do NOT need to bring a laptop with your presentation loaded onto it.  It is however suggested that you bring your presentation on a USB key in case there are any problems with the one that you email to us.
    • If you would prefer to use your own laptop computer for their presentation, please let us know.
    • If you are using a PC, all necessary cables to connect to the projector will be provided for you.
    • If you are using a MAC, please be sure to bring a VGA cable to connect your MAC to the projector – we will NOT have MAC cables available.
  • LCD Projector and necessary cabling
  • Projection Screen (16:9 aspect ratio)


All presentations should be prepared on the Campus Safety Conference PowerPoint template (16:9 aspect ratio to ensure proper display on screen).

Social Media

Campus Safety Conference encourages conference faculty to aid in the promotion of their session presentations to ensure maximum attendance. Promote when you will be speaking on any and all social media links that you have (websites, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Follow/Like/Join Us:

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Invite Your Colleagues


  • Speaker Agreement (please sign and return to Amy Reddington or fax to 508-663-1595)
  • Many of the conference sessions will be recorded with the

    Speakers are encouraged to invite their friends and colleagues to attend.  

    Priority Code: SPKR10 will give their contacts 10% off full conference pricing.