Conference Date

Texas: Irving: TX | June 12-13
| East: Philadelphia, PA | July 13-14
West: Long Beach, CA | July 31-Aug 1
Early Pricing Ends May 1

East Agenda

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Registration Open
Opening Ceremonies
Campus Safety and the UPenn Public Safety
Addressing the Specific Physical Security Needs of the Educational Community Higher Ed and K-12
KEYNOTE: Making a Difference in Campus Safety Higher Ed and K-12
Expert Forum: Keys to Effective Emergency Preparedness Higher Ed and K-12
Sponsor Showcase Open
Bleed Control Demonstrations Higher Ed and K-12
Hot Topic Meetups
International Students on Campus: Why should a Chief Care? Higher Ed
Teaching and Promoting Emergency Preparedness to Students K-12
How New Technologies Can Enhance Communication Between Schools and Law Enforcement Higher Ed and K-12
Threat Assessment, Mental Health and Behavioral Intervention Teams Higher Ed and K-12
Countering Violent Extremism and the Threat Higher Ed
Parent-Child Reunification after a Crisis K-12
Fighting Technology-Facilitated Crime: Cyber Stalking; Sextortion, Sexual Abuse, Hate Crime and Domestic Violence Higher Ed
After Hours Emergencies: Who Is In Charge? K-12
The Benefits of Integrating Audio and Video Solutions on Campus Higher Ed and K-12
Networking Reception

Friday, July 14, 2017

KEYNOTE: My Son's Suicide: Lessons on Life, Legacy, & Livelihood Higher Ed and K-12
Creating Your Annual Security Report Higher Ed
Role Playing Emergency Tabletop Exercise Higher Ed and K-12
Threat Assessments and Active Shooter Response Strategies K-12